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Toll free: 1 800 753-1981
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Learn to survive better!
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The Armchair Survivalist
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Making the Best of Basics
12th edition!

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CD PDF version of the best selling preparedness book. Use in your PC or Mac. Easily print selected information from hundreds of links to help you organize and improve your preparations! A massive amount of survival information!





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Hand made File Knives
Fire Starter w/Knife

Magnesium Fire Starter

Carbide Knife Sharpeners

Survival Food in Buckets
Mountin House Freeze Dried Foods,
packed for storage and easy prep.

Survival Tabs
These chewable SURVIVAL TABS can keep you alive and nourished for days.
Survival food tablets

Short Wave Radios
Listen to the REAL news from
all over the World!

Water Purification


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